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‘My experience was more than I expected, it was great!’







‘My experience has really been fantastic. Thailand is a beautiful country and
there is still so much I want to discover.’






‘I want to make a difference and mean something to someone. I love teaching,
being funny, and working with kids!’






I really feel prepared and good to go. My experience has been very good, I love
it. Especially with the attitudes of everybody, they care, it’s very comfortable.








“[Cultural orientation was] really good for us. I learned so much in that first week, especially from the Thai lessons. And at the temple you get to see more about the culture of Thailand. It’s very informative.”

“[The TESOL course is] fun, I enjoy it. You become more outgoing and able to speak more openly. You climb out of your shell; it’s really cool.”

“Orientation was awesome. I think it really helped to settle in a bit and make friends before you get thrown into everything. The activities are well designed as well, so you learn a little about the culture. The Thai lessons are so helpful just to get some concept of the language before you get out in the real world.”
“[The TESOL course is] intense, especially because I haven’t been in a learning center in 2 years. Just getting back into the whole learning thing has been interesting. Doing the online course before we arrived helped get back into that mode of thinking. I’ve found Austin [a TESOL instructor] really helpful, as well as the feedback from everyone else. I think the course has been great so far and I’m in good hands.”

“[The cultural orientation] definitely helped me to understand the people and culture better, considering I knew almost nothing about the king or the people -- how they live, how they eat, what they do. Thai speaking lessons were also great. Pear [Thai language instructor] was helpful.”

“[The TESOL course is] really awesome. It’s a lot of information in a very short time, so it’s a lot to take in, but I’m enjoying the course. Austin’s a really great teacher. He kind of understands that you need a bit of time to absorb, and he’s constantly going over things so you can take them it. Feedback is great when you’re doing the lesson plans so you know what you’re doing wrong and can fix it.”

“[The cultural orientation was] all excellent -- very productive and informative -- especially the culture and language lessons. I think it’s something we need. The trips were also really fun, I enjoyed them”

“I like it [the TESOL course], it’s very educational. Jaco [TESOL instructor] is amazing. They know what they’re doing.”

Jaco and Lenea
“[The cultural orientation was] interesting. We learned a lot. I think you need to do it so you know a little more about the people and culture. The course is pretty cool as well. I think it’s essential - it’s only going to help us. You get more relaxed with the students when you do your lessons. It gives you confidence.”

“My experience in Thailand has been the most amazing experience of my life. Never did it ever cross my mind that I would graduate High School and then leave to another country to teach. I have really enjoyed the course, and the accommodation provided is really appreciated. Thank you very much! God Bless!!”